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Mediaplanet: Are Financial Literacy Programs Stuck in the 20th Century?

by U.S. Financial Diaries

Most financial literacy programs are geared toward steady paycheck earners with long-term savings goals. But how can programs assist households that are struggling with volatile incomes and unpredictable expenses?

Recently Mediaplanet included a feature on the findings of the US Financial Diaries project and how they can relate to more effective financial literacy approaches.

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Financial Literacy: A Review of Recent Research

by Barbara Kiviat of the Financial Access Initiative

We’ve become fans of talking about financial literacy here at the Financial Access Initiative, so I was excited to see the May issue of the American Economic Review with selected papers from the American Economic Association’s Annual Meeting. There are four papers that address financial-literacy questions. I’ll offer some big-picture thoughts further down, but first, the punch lines of the four papers...

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